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Wentzville Massage and Wellness wishes to nurture, teach and guide all clients through their journey to a healthier lifestyle through massage

Our quaint little studio is designed to provide our clients with a comfortable, safe and nurturing environment to relax and heal.  If you’re looking for a customized massage by a therapist that cares you have come to the right place.  Welcome!

Located in the heart of historic downtown Wentzville, Missouri.   Easy access from highway 70 & 40, so no stress or hustle- bustle of the Wentzville Parkway.


Brenda Sweeney. LMT

Brenda is the owner of Wentzville Massage and Wellness Center located in historic downtown Wentzville, Missouri.  Brenda’s massages are client specific and believes that the consultation is essential to tailoring each massage session to the clients individual needs.

Brenda graduated in 2012 from the Healing Arts Center, the oldest established school of massage and holistic study in St. Louis. Brenda started her career in the medical spa industry where she mentored under an experienced medical massage therapist for over a year, gaining much knowledge in medical massage treatments and basic skin care. Brenda’s specialized therapeutic modalities include Deep Tissue, Trigger Point, Swedish, Prenatal and Hot Stone.

Since graduating Brenda has continued to grow and expand her knowledge by certifying in Ashiatsu Barefoot Massage, Cupping Therapy, Burn Scar Therapy and Dermo Neuro Modulating. (DNM is a therapy that works with the nervous system rather than the muscles). All these healing modalities give the clients a wide range of options to achieve optimal results allowing one to move through life with grace and fluidity.  

Therapeutic Massage

Therapeutic massage is tailored to the individual needs of the client. During the consultation we will discuss the present issue to address and which modality best suits your needs to achieve the desired outcome for your session. Swedish Massage using light to medium pressure is best for stress relief and relaxation. A more vigorous approach using Deep Tissue Massage is recommended by working deep into the soft tissue.  Deeper work promotes faster healing of injured muscles, releases and unwinds connective tissue and provides relief from chronic pain.

30 minutes – $55 

60 minutes – $8

75 minutes – $100 

90 minutes – $125

DeepTissue//Ashiatsu Barefoot Massage Combination

Starting with traditional deep tissue massage techniques the therapist prepares the body for deeper work when transitioning to barefoot massage. The combination of these two techniques creates structural changes of the soft tissue on a deeper level. Limited strenuous activity for 24 hours is recommended to allow the body to process the healing benefits of this therapeutic work.

60 minutes – $95

75 minutes – $120 

90 minutes – $135

Prenatal Massage

Prenatal massage focuses on addressing the special needs of the mother-to-be during her pregnancy. Massage can help mothers adjust to the many changes they will experience such as discomfort in the low back, hips and feet. Stimulating the soft tissue will also help reduce fluids, increase blood flow and promote the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to the baby.

60 minutes – $85

75 minutes – $100

Hot Stone Massage

The ultimate in relaxation. This technique is done using aromatic oil and energized warm basalt stones that become an extension of the therapists’ hands. The warmth of the stones works quickly and deeply to relax and loosen tight muscles. Therapeutic effects are improved blood circulation, decreased muscle tension and can significantly reduce stress and anxiety.

60 minutes – $105 

75 minutes – $125

90 minutes – $140

Cupping Massage

Cupping engages negative pressure or decompresses soft tissue rather than compression. This method gently lifts the skin and underlying tissue and is moved around in a rolling method breaking down adhesions, loosening restricted connective tissue and improving lymph flow.  Cups can also be applied and left stationary to pull out toxins, eliminate stagnation and increase blood flow accelerating the healing process

60 minutes – $100

75 minutes – $110

Add on services available

Hot Stone

Warm stones are added for the neck and back




Foot Treatment

Warm Paraffin wax is massaged into the feet and removed with warm moist towels


Facial Massage and Cleanse

A soft soothing face massage followed by a cleanse and hot towel steam



Wentzille Massage and Wellness

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